We are eternally grateful for our African upbringing, which has enabled us to be who we are today. Although most of us live and thrive in the diaspora, so much of our behaviour and how we experience the world around us - what we  eat, how we dance, how we speak -  is rooted in our culture.

As a means of giving back to the soil that has given us so much, we have established the Gift with Purpose programme. Through the Gift with Purpose programme, we direct a portion of proceeds from sales of the Purpose Box towards addressing social issues brought on by poverty and lack of adequate education in Africa. 

The Purpose Box is a fun mystery box that contains a pair of socks, two pairs of earrings, a bracelet and a shuka. The best part about the Purpose Box is that it is the only gift item with a portion of sales dedicated to the Gift with Purpose programme! Learn about our mystery boxes here

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Chichiri Primary School is a place where several children are currently creating memories that will last a lifetime - like so many others have done before them. 

Chichiri Primary School has eager students, staff and faculty whose learning and teaching experience could be greatly elevated to basic conditions with improvements to their daily circumstances.

Chichiri Primary School in the city of Blantyre is the main primary school serving a community of 1,510 students (838 girls and 672 boys) between the ages of 6 and 13. It is considered the best public primary school in Blantyre.

The challenge with Chichiri Primary School, like most schools in the country, is beyond aesthetic and touches on the lack of accessibility to the most basic, foundational and fundamental resources. For every 200 students in a grade, the government only contributes 4 books per subject. This means that in a class of 50 students, there is only 1 book to go around. 

Because of the insufficient number of desks, students from standards 2 to 4 have to sit on the floor for the duration of their classes. Additionally, the school only has 3 functional bathrooms for thousands of students: 2 bathrooms for the girls and 1 bathroom for the boys.

25 years ago, our CEO attended Chichiri Primary School located in the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi. After a community visit to the school in 2019, Dr. Eleanor got a first-hand glimpse of the severe need of resources and saw that there was lots of work to be done.

The proceeds given to the Chichiri High School project will go towards addressing the following needs:

  • Obtaining functional desks and chairs to ensure that students do not have to learn from the floor or endure broken and uncomfortable seating;
  • Repairing toilets to facilitate the proper disposal of waste and maintain proper hygiene, and building new toilets to allow for a better student to toilet ratio;
  • Repairing leaky classroom roofs, broken windows and strengthening the overall infrastructure of the school; and
  • Purchasing learning and teaching materials to enhance the curriculum, and building a library.

To support the Chichiri Primary School project, please purchase a Purpose Box here.

For more information on the needs of Chichiri Primary School, visit The African Diaspora Leadership in Action (ADLA).