Welcome! Bienvenue! Karibu! Mwalandiridwa!

Zawadi Mode is an African-inspired gift shop that was born from a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for African culture. We wanted to create a fun, fabulous and friendly space for Africans in the diaspora to gift beautiful items that reminded them of home.

The word 'zawadi' means “gift” in Swahili. We offer a variety of Afrocentric gifts for the cultured,​ unapologetic, forward-thinking individual​ who embraces the vibrance and beauty of​ Africa. From chic and contemporary gifts to fun and flirty pieces, we have something for you to gift yourself or your friend living two continents away! Check out some gift ideas here.

We would like to encourage you to say 'thank you', always and in all ways. Are you thankful to yourself for powering through and getting a big project done? Say 'Thank you' with a dope necklace! Thankful to your bestie for making the best jollof every time you crave some? Send her a 'Thank you' card she will cherish for years to come! 

Zawadi Mode goes beyond the premise of giving physical gifts, amazing as they may be. Being in “zawadi mode” means consciously having an attitude of gratitude and an attitude of giving. It means​ being thankful for who we are and where we're from, and using what we have to give back to our continent. 

We are continually inspired by the late great Nelson Mandela's words, 'We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.'

Our Gift with Purpose programme is our way of making the world a better place for one person at a time, one community at a time, one small change at a time. We will direct a portion of proceeds from dedicated sales towards addressing social issues brought on by poverty and lack of adequate education in Africa. See more about the Gift with Purpose program here.
Thank you so much for joining the Zawadi Mode family and coming with us on this journey. Your support means so much to us!

Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions for any questions you may have, and contact us us for any further clarifications.

We look forward to serving you! 

With gratitude,
Dr. Eleanor T. Khonje